Convenient Relocating in Kolkata

Convenient Relocating in Packers and Movers

Relocating or House Shifting is the most stressful task, if it is done in a Wrong manner it could be ridiculous. Convenient Relocating is very important so that one could save both time and energy.

Moving from one city to another for a job or to boost your career? Or a newly married couple shifting to a different place? Here' s everything you need to know about moving to a new city in India so you can prepare yourself for the move.

Chances are everything about the "new city" is different, be it the language, weather, food or the culture. Some people adapt to the situation but most of them fail and get ill, homesickness also occurs during shifting. This is the reality of 268 million individuals in the country who've migrated within the country.

Leaving behind an established way of life, your social circle and the comforts of familiarity can be daunting. But fear not, here's how moving to a new city can be beneficial and can be done with ease! Moving cities in India? Here are a few tips on how you should plan your move to make it a seamless process.

Planning Your Big Move

Migrating to another city is surely a big move, considering you will be required to start from scratch in the new city. Before you do that, a few pointers must be kept in mind.

Logistics company

Identify and select a trustworthy and reputed logistics company. Whether it's your personal belongings, clothes, electronic gadgets like a TV or your furniture. It is a must to have reliable movers & packers in place who do not burn a hole in your pocket.


You may end up disposing quite a few things before moving and will have to invest in new purchases. Unforeseen expenses will hurt your bank account upon shifting, unless you've planned your finances. Factor in at least 6 months to stabilise in a new city whilst keeping your expenses in check.

In the words of Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of UN "Migration powers economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies"

Suggestion for a smart move

Pack Smart

Shifting one place to another is very stressful. Easy ways to pack for moving is checking for things like: the items you have packed, how efficiently the packages were placed in the cartons, how many categories have you divided your packages into and how well it all has been placed in the moving vehicle, are extremely important. Smart packing begins by creating an inventory or house moving checklist of all your belongings that are yet to be packed for moving and checking off the items that have been packed, one by one. Don't throw away the inventory because you might need that while unpacking the luggage.

Mark the Packing Bags

Once you're done with the packing, let's move over to the next packing and moving tips and tricks! Make sure that the Electronics and liquid items are separated so that it may cause less damage. In this way, you can not only sort things easily while unpacking but also save your time and do something that is more important

Use anti-static packing bubbles

Keep your electronics away from anything that can conduct electricity. Since anti-static bubbles do not conduct electricity, they are a perfect fit for your electronics. These bubbles are easily available in stores around the city.

Tips for hiring Best Packers and Movers

Keep yourself secure and safe from fake and frauds companies

How to choose movers and packers

Should be IBA Approved Packers and Movers

Authenticity and Reliability of Packers and Movers can be recognised by if it is IBA Approved. After fulfilling a variety of eligibility criteria of the Indian Banks' Association (IBA), these companies became eligible to get an approval from the association

Ask for Quotation from their Official Mails

Never go with verbal confirmation. Ask for a quotation from their official mail. Verify all completed services before paying full amount, avoid paying full payment as an advance money. Beware of all the hidden charges.

Avoid Cash payments, Go Cashless

Pay them by cheques or through internet banking. It will be helpful for you to claim or track the record of your payments.

Safety and Security

Ensure that the packers and movers are well experienced and have trained workers and staffs. When you are packing and moving, your main concern should be safety and security. Also, ensure that every item is packed properly and stored in an organized manner.

Be Attentive with Similar Brand names

Most of the packers and movers company have similar names and it is very challenging you to verify the real company. Double check all the details and verify the phone numbers and emails from their official website.