Tips to avoid fraud packers and movers

Tips to avoid fraud packers and movers

Author: South Packers and Movers of India Date: 28/12/2021 .

1) Choose door-to-door services whenever possible

Some verified and authorized companies in Kolkata give door-to-door service, whereas others do not or fail to disclose it. And what happens once you've hired someone is vexing.

Some movers scam you by unloading your belongings on the highway, then asking you to organize local transportation, and charging you an exorbitant fee. To avoid falling into this trap, make sure you ask them to explain everything before making a decision.

2) Make use of a reference, whenever possible

The first way to secure yourself against packer and mover fraud is to hire them based on references.

You might ask friends, family members, relatives, or anybody else you know for a recommendation for a reputable packers and movers company. Also, I'd like to caution you against relying on online reviews because they are frequently fraudulent and exaggerated. You might fall into a trap. So, if one of your friends or family members is happy with the services of a packer and mover, use that as a reference and contact the company accordingly.

3) Know Your Legal Rights

Knowing your rights is one of the best ways to avoid being scammed by packers and movers in Kolkata. Take a copy of the rights and obligations from the service providers you've engaged before you move. If something goes wrong, you can file an insurance claim, therefore you should be aware of the insurance claim process and the amount you are covered for.

4) Look over the legal documentation

Before selecting a moving firm and agreeing to a contract, you should thoroughly review all of the terms and conditions pertaining to the packing and moving procedure. It's critical to double-check all of the relocation company's terms and conditions because you'll choose one based on this information. And it is only by doing so that you will be able to determine which firm is best for your relocation.

5) Never pay in advance

Never pay the entire price before your shipment is delivered to its final destination in the city. Even half of the payment in advance is a lot to ask for from a packer and mover company in Kolkata. The fees must be paid at the time when delivery or service is done. Many reputable packers and movers will not demand an upfront payment.

6) Low moving estimates should be avoided

It is usually a good idea to avoid low moving quotes because they could be a trap, and you could wind up losing all of your goods to a scam moving company. So, before you sign a contract with the cheapest moving offer, consider twice. So, if you failed to follow the above-mentioned advice and have already hired fraudulent movers, all you can do now is pray and hope that you receive all of your belongings. If you received your items in a damaged state, you can still pursue legal recourse to recover your losses.

Tips for hiring Best Packers and Movers

Keep yourself secure and safe from fake and frauds companies

How to choose movers and packers

Should be IBA Approved Packers and Movers

Authenticity and Reliability of Packers and Movers can be recognised by if it is IBA Approved. After fulfilling a variety of eligibility criteria of the Indian Banks' Association (IBA), these companies became eligible to get an approval from the association

Ask for Quotation from their Official Mails

Never go with verbal confirmation. Ask for a quotation from their official mail. Verify all completed services before paying full amount, avoid paying full payment as an advance money. Beware of all the hidden charges.

Avoid Cash payments, Go Cashless

Pay them by cheques or through internet banking. It will be helpful for you to claim or track the record of your payments.

Safety and Security

Ensure that the packers and movers are well experienced and have trained workers and staffs. When you are packing and moving, your main concern should be safety and security. Also, ensure that every item is packed properly and stored in an organized manner.

Be Attentive with Similar Brand names

Most of the packers and movers company have similar names and it is very challenging you to verify the real company. Double check all the details and verify the phone numbers and emails from their official website.